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What we do

With HomeoR, you have a full range of HR-services at your fingertips. We use a powerful assessment tool* to predict talent flourishing, satisfaction and commitment. With this disruptive solution, you recruit talents tailored to your needs, but it also ensures they find their most fruitful place in your organisation.

Objectify selection

Promising candidates sketch their competence profile online, through a user-friendly gamified approach. This gives you valuable insights into their potential for your company and the interaction with the team. It objectifies the subjective.

Manage talent

Help everyone to become their best selves. Support staff to improve their skills by leveraging their natural talents.

Optimise teams

A well-oiled team is the key to your success. HomeoR helps you piece together the perfect puzzle for more impact and balance.

Internal mobility

By focusing on employee potential, you can suggest career pathways that allow your staff to grow and stay.

When colleagues find a position that fits to their heart and talents, they will thrive and commit.

*Used for more than 5 million assessments in 30 countries by 3900 customers. Rated 4,9 out of 5 by users.

They trust

Sandrine Randisi, HR & admin manager responsible for recruitment and employer branding at Cloudbizz, confronts several RH challenges: sourcing rare technical talent and managing change for employees.

HomeoR helps Cloudbizz build an improved hiring experience, better understand candidates, and accurately assess learning capacity and adaptability mandatory for internal mobility.

Cloudbizz : Boost internal mobility.

Fx Bellot discusses the way HomeoR complements his recruitment processes so he can hire talent with the potential to thrive in open roles.
HomeoR predictive models also help him predict the way candidates will integrate into existing team. This results in an optimized process that translates into faster, more efficient recruitment. HomeoR solutions allow him to visualize candidates in their future ecosystems and guarantee the right fit between candidates and future managers.

speos : Make hiring processes reliable.

How does it work

We find
than the perfect match

HomeoR uses an innovative soft-skills analysis of talents to match them with the requirements of the job, but also with the people they have to work with. This gives you objective insights to select the sharpest talents for your organisation, also taking into account the culture fit.



Going beyond the cv



With the job and the people



Practical recommendations



Compose successful teams

Concrete cases


Candidates create their soft skills profiles online through a user-friendly tool. You get to see the person beyond the CV. This gives you a clearer idea of the recruit’s personality in relation with the team and your organisation.

internal mobility

Thanks to our tool, you take more than technical skills into account. You can make bold suggestions for hierarchical and functional mobility that focus on real employee potential, allowing your staff to evolve and grow according to their needs and motivations.

team optimisation

Our approach visualises the different pieces of the personality puzzle in your team. Once you are aware of the different profiles and working styles of different colleagues, you can rearrange the team cooperation based on their strengths and preferences.

team reorganisation

If your enterprise goes through a reorganisation process, it is important to take people’s profiles into account when composing new teams. The HomeoR approach objectifies your talents’ profiles to lay the basis for new well-balanced and successful teams.

talent management

All too often, talent development focusses on ‘overcoming weaknesses’, making people feel they are not good enough. Our method allows everyone to become their best selves, by investing in the competences and strengths that are connected to their natural talents.

home working

People have different working styles and preferences. By making them explicit, you have a clearer picture on the needs of the colleagues when it comes to teleworking. This helps you, both in the current context and the future, steer the tasks and setup to keep everybody motivated.

Why us

A unique tool
combined with in-depth

HomeoR provides value-added services based on a powerful online tool* to understand the intricacies of people’s profiles.

The candidates and colleagues get immediate feedback on their talents, areas for development, career advice and more. They receive tailored suggestions to grow personally and professionally.

For managers, these profiles help you select the right person for the right job, but also to add the missing piece of puzzle to a team. The understanding of different working styles and personalities helps you optimise teams and get the best out of each colleague.

This ultimately boosts the efficiency, but also the happiness of your workforce!

*Used for more than 5 million assessments in 30 countries by 3900 customers. Rated 4,9 out of 5 by users.